IWD is an Investment platform that allows individuals invest in trading portfolios. IWD uses laid downs rules built around artificial and financial intelligence to invest in diverse portfolios. The platform provides a dynamic dashboard to track own investments and payouts date, it provides a seamless way for investors to save money whilst earning attractive interest rates monthly.
IWD gives access gives access to different investment types and plans. This makes it possible for investors to match their investment(s) to their need(s).
IWD is a web platform which makes it accessible on mobile, desktop, tablet and devices that have the ability to accesss the web.
  • It's easy to use. Built with less activity and focus on investments and it's returns.
  • No additional or hidden charges. It saves you time for looking for an investment portfolio.
  • It leverages on the most profitable investment portfolios.
Registration is easy, your basic personal details are required to create an account.
Registration is less than 30 secs, except you wish to take your time.
Some plans require a valid means of identification i.e. Drivers licence, or National identity card or Voters card or International passport
Take a picture of the document with your smartphone or scan with your scanner. Go to your profile page, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find upload documents.
  • Accounts are not funded, funds are invested after an investment plan has been opened. There are three ways to invest funds through mobile/internet banking transfer, cash deposit or using debit/credit card, which is secured by paystack. When using mobile/internet banking transfer as payment method a unique reference code is required to confirm you as the depositor which should be inputed in the reference/narration, when using cash deposit, the depositors name should be your username + reference code or your reference code only. Reference code is generated after an investment plan has been opened.
  • Investment starts on confirmation of payment. However online payments reflects faster and does not require reference code.
  • The plan to invest in depends on your needs and the purpose of your investment. Kindly note the minimum you can invest is ₦20,000
  • We make payment directly into your preferred bank account, which should be supplied in the profile page. Interest of capital is paid monthly and interest + capital is paid at end of investment duration. Except if plan is Trivestment, that receives interest + capital at the end of the duration.
  • The minimum duration for investment is 1 month while the maximum is 12 months.
  • Yes, provided your reference code is used as the reference or depositor.
  • Interest is paid monthly or at the end of the duration.
  • IWD is secured and no monies are stored on the platform. However if you are currently logged in on your stolen device, you are required to login on a new device which invalidates the session on your stolen device.
  • Also, it will be in your best interest to change your password. Go to settings by clicking on the profile image.
  • To review your investment activity notify us at [email protected].